Hi, I'm Marko

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Software Developer Based in Stellenbosch

"Do not despise these small beginnings"

Hello, I'm Marko

My story starts in Nelspruit, South Africa where I was born. We moved around a lot and after living in Dar Es Salaam(Tanzania), Maputo(Mozambique) and Nelspruit again, we moved to Zimbabwe where I finished my Cambridge 'O'-levels and 'A'-levels. It was during this time that my passion for 'anything-tech' was sparked.

I studied Bsc. Mathematical Sciences at Stellenbosch University majoring in Computer Science. I walked into first year without ever programming in my life and it was a crazy battle to catch up and get on track. I really started enjoying what I was doing in third year and decided to set up my CV on the Web. This is the result.

I work for a company in a Software Developer position at Estuary Solutions in Stellenbosch since January 2017 with a short 3 month break in 2019. During my time at Estuary Solutions I have worked on various projects but the main focus was changing the Swordfish Online Trading system to incorporate the JSE's ITaC project into our system. This project is live now.

I'm not a 'nerdy' programmer, I'm not a gamer, I don't watch anime and I don't have a steam account. I am a passionate individual who enjoys interaction with people(including people who enjoy the activities aforementioned).

My Skills

C#, .Net Framework

Proficient in C#, Front-End and Back-End, with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server source code management.


SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Scripts, Designing and coding database tables to store application data, optimizing queries, creating table indexes to improve database performance, stored procedures, functions.


Most used language whilst studying. Projects include: Chat applications, NAT box, File Transfer, Cats vs. Robots game.

Full-Stack Web

Have done a few websites plus hosting management for clients. HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap. See links under Experience Column.


BSc Mathematical Science, Computer Science major

Stellenbosch University, South Africa (2014-2016)

Modules and Courses of relevance include: Java Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Concurrency, Web Development and Databases, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Vision

Languages learnt whilst studying include: Java, C, Python, Assembly, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript.

IGCSE Cambridge 'O' and 'A'-levels

Petra High School, Zimbabwe (2010-2013)

CFCI Bible College

1st Year certificate + 2nd Year Diploma
The Bay Christian Family Church (2017-2018)


C#, .Net Framework, SQL Software Developer

Estuary Solutions
(Permanent Jan2017 - Dec18)
(Consulting Jan2019 - Apr2019)
(Permanent Jul2019 - present)

Implementing changes to the Swordfish Online Trading System to incorporate the JSE's ITAC project.
Maintenance of the Swordfish Product.
Managing Releases
Hardware maintenance.
Live Operations Support.

Software Tester in Quality Assurance

Matogen Corporate Web Development
Holiday Work

Websites plus hosting management for clients

Community and Hobbies

Church Leadership The Bay CFC

Team Leader: Feb 2018 - Jan 2020
Home Cell Leader: May 2017 - Feb 2018

Part of Leadership Team at Children's Camps

Aslan Camp (2011-2013)

Part of Leadership Team and MC at Youth Camps

Edge Camp (2014-2015)


Running/Gym(keeping fit), Guitar

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